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It's Not What You Think!

St. Paul's Rent Control Measure is Unproven and Untested

On November 2, Vote NO on Question 1

About Us

The Sensible Housing Ballot Committee is a broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals who believe in sensible housing solutions to meet the challenge of the lack of affordable housing. Housing costs and availability are a major crisis in our state, impacting everyone in our communities from seniors to families to our most disadvantaged groups. While there are many ideas being proposed to help struggling families, we have to ensure that policies would not have unintended consequences that will only worsen things for those most vulnerable. To end this crisis permanently, we must enact sensible housing policies.

Our coalition aims to promote solutions that will help solve our housing crisis with an eye towards long-term affordability and stability for prospective homeowners and renters, and defeating proposals that will make our affordable housing problems even worse.

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